Phase 4

Phase 4

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Phase Four of The Three Day Body is our revolutionary __-day program that will have you get in the best shape of your life.  Be prepared to walk into the gym with confidence, energy, and your transforming physique. When putting this training program in combination with your own personalized meal plan and customized supplement plan, you’ll be seeing and feeling the results you wished you signed up for years ago.

You’ll get detailed descriptions of every workout, weekly emails teaching you this life-changing approach, saying goodbye to calorie counting, and meal planning made easier than ever. A chance to see what you are capable of with support in 90 days.

You will need full access to the gym because I will be walking you through different variations to keep your mind and muscle challenged with every workout detailed with squats, deadlifts, leg press, smith machine exercises for upper and lower body, machines, free weights, cables, decline benches, and incline benches.

You’ll Also Get:

    • Free 14 Day Challenge
    • Customized Nutrition Supplement Plan
    • Your own Customizable Meal Plan with no calorie counting
    • Support in Private Facebook Group
    • The chance to win supplement giveaway
    • Discounts on Supplements and Entire Supplement Stacks
    • Weekly Emails to Keep You Motivated
    • Meal Planning Made Easy
    • Buy once and have forever
    • Concentrated Fat Blasting
    • A more round, tighter, perkier butt aka the Bailey Butt Lift

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