If you are an experienced Massage Therapist that excels in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and/or Sports Massage and love to work with fitness professionals, pro athletes, and high-end clients, we are looking for you! You will have the flexibility of your own schedule for evenings and/or weekends too!  

Bátor Studios of Grandview Heights is hiring a Licensed Massage Therapist.  We have flexible hours in the evenings and on weekends that clients are lining up for, we are just waiting for the right person.  Our luxuriously designed and European edgy environment contains a calm sanctuary of a massage studio. Our upscale clients love to come here for healing and restoration with our well known Deep Tissue and Sports Massage reputation and tip graciously.

Voted Best Sports Massage for 5 consecutive years, our ideal candidate must be experienced in Deep Tissue and/or Sports Massage, and passionate for total well-being.


Feels like family
Clients know and trust they can get deep work done here
Energetic, luxurious, and edgy European lobby and beauty areas
Studio and spa very calming, dimly light, and very relaxing
Himalayan Salt Lamps to promote immunity and more health benefits
Live and promote self-care and self-love to the best that we can
Passionate for overall wellness
Friendly, warm, yet calming attitudes
We receive gracious tips from upscale clients
Believe in healing benefits of regular bodywork
Communicate very well with clients to find their preferred pressure for relief


“Finding Bailey (owner of Bátor Studios)  was a Godsend.... in a time of transition in my life and career, Bailey has been there to encourage me to be ME and to use the talent God has given me to help my clients. I took the plunge and left my old job to work with her. That Faith did me well as I made more in my first year than I was making at my previous workplace. The clients I have been blessed to work with have been AMAZING and have made me even more comfortable in my element.  Bailey's excitement and passion for the work we do is inspiring and contagious and I have enjoyed exploring new avenues in the work I provide my clients. We only stop growing when we stop wanting to learn.” -- Paulette


1099 Contractors
Deep tissue and Trigger Point skills
Professional and classy. Not casual dress
Laundry when possible between appointments
Current license and liability insurance
Trustworthy, honest, and passionate
Ready to grow and be happy with clients willing to pay!

Rate: $30-$32/hour plus 100% tips

Hours:  Part Time and Full Time evenings and weekends only at this time.