Boldly Empowering Others to Live Bravely and Feel Better

Bátor Studios is passionate about your personal health and well-being. Our mission is to empower you to live bravely and feel better. We achieve our mission by providing the best massage therapy sessions in Columbus and comprehensive health programs. By taking care of your physical state, your mental state will also be better than ever. That's why we believe that you can live brave and feel better when you combine our massage therapy sessions with our Three-Day Body program.


Help You Relax

Bátor Studios offers professional massage therapy as great rates. Our practice was voted the best in Columbus, so you know you are in good hands. 

Empower Your Body & Mind

Bailey Dawn, a nationally competing border cross athlete and body builder, has created the Three-Day Body program. A 12-week, 3 days per week, body transformation program.

Work with Your Needs

We understand that if you're training for different events you may need a different dietary and workout regimen. That's why we offer coaching for your specific needs.


At Bátor Studios, our goal is to empower you to live bravely and feel better. We believe that the best way to do this is through massage therapy, our Three-Day Body program, and one-on-one coaching. Our emphasis is that you not only feel confident in your own skin, but also in your mind. Whether it's working out, nutrition, or just your daily life, they are all impacted by how you think. That's why in our Three-Day Body program we also promote taking care of your mental state, on-top of exercise and nutrition.


As an athlete who has had numerous massages in the past, I was on the search for a massage therapist who would be able to address my specific athletic concerns – and be willing to work on someone with a LOT of tightness built up! My expectations were met and exceeded! From the atmosphere of her massage room, to her punctuality and sheer strength – I was highly impressed! She assists me each session and is able to provide a level of intensity in massage that I greatly need on a frequent basis. I would highly recommend Paulette!


Their technique, ability, willingnes to learn about their clients, and overall quality of massage are second to none in my experience.  As a professional athlete, I have constant need to keep my body in shape and recovery week to week.  Their massages have changed my career and allowed me opportuniites to grow and progress as an athlete.

Wil Trapp - Columbus Crew SC

Paulette does a fantastic job! Wonderful deep tissue that keeps me functioning.  I highly recommend her to anyone!


I’ve been working with Bailey since the start of the 2015 season and I have never felt better.  Bailey’s technique and touch of Sport Massage is unique.  It helps to also be in the hands of an athlete because she knows what the body needs and she cares a lot about how you are performing, day in and day out.

Kei Kamara Vancouver - Whitecaps FC

Paulette is one of the best massage therapists I have seen.  Her deep tissue massage is intense; however, I always leave feeling refreshed and pain free.  She is always punctual and very professional. I highly recommend Paulette if you are looking for a massage therapist.  


Six months into working with Bailey, I have less minor injuries and nagging ailments than in years previous. I never play consecutive games without a massage.  Bailey’s willingness and ability to listen to my body, adjust pressure and find the balance between recovery and preparation allows me to be at my best on game days.  She is the best in the business.

Michael Parkhurst - Atlanta United FC

Amazing! It was a true deep tissue and exactly what I’ve been needing for a long time! Paulette was also very personable. Undoubtedly the best massage I’ve ever had.


I see Paulette, she has some firm hands for your aches and pains.  I’ve been seeing her for probably 5 years.  She’s who I trust to make the pain stop!