Why Weight Training will Make You Sexy and Confident

Why Weight Training will Make You Sexy and Confident

Getting straight to the point; those amazing bodies you see out there isn’t because they hang out on a treadmill, it’s because they know where to get the results.  A recent study done at the University of Alabama at Birmingham compared dieters who just did cardio and dieters who just lifted three days a week.

The results?  While they both lost the same amount of weight, it was those that lifted weights who lost more pure fat, while the cardio bunnies lost some valuable muscle and not just fat.  With that being said, those lifting weights shed more body fat while adding definition to their bodies.  (*Hint *Hint) So if you are looking to make some changes, then weight training is where it’s at.

You can:

  • lose body fat, earn a smaller waist, build a booty, gain muscle, or just get shredded                                   
  • learn what successful physiques do to stay lean and strong
  • live the lifestyle and dream it takes to get your dream body 
  • develop the underling qualities it takes that goes beyond just the physical appearance

Reason #3 Ultimate fat blaster to show your physique and hard work.

Weight training is an ultimate fat blaster, especially while combined with a nutritious, high-protein diet. Those two combined right there will eat away fat much faster than cardio would. This is a no-brainer rule for the successful athletes and physiques out there.

Weight training three days a week to hit your major muscle groups for the most fat burning results, and feel like you don’t need to live in the gym.  Need a plan?  Sign up for our 90 Day Program and we will guide you through it step-by-step!   

Pursue your dreams in health and fitness.

Learn proper form to prevent injury, all while getting stronger and leaner.

Reason #2: Deciding to pursue dreams.

Become stronger for a better quality of life and pursuing dreams.  If you are like most people and want to do great things before they die, then be committed to get strong now, build upon it, and maintain it for decades to come.  Turn that daydream into a reality!  Watching people go for their dreams is pretty hot in my book.

Start with a personal trainer to guide you around the gym and how to use the equipment to prevent getting hurt.  Watch trusted instructional videos, and visualize yourself executing a movement with perfect form before your workout, and make every rep better than the rep before. Don’t just go through the motions.  Activate the muscles you are isolating.

Have the step-by-step guide to lifting weights only three days a week.

Make meal prep easy along with many fresh recipe ideas.

Never count calories again with our portion control guide.

Reason #1: Showing and discover underlying qualities.

The number one reason why weight training is sexy, is because muscle shows the underlying qualities it takes in a person to earn them beyond physical appearance. Sure, weight training is the secret ingredient to a faster metabolism and can make you visually appealing, but the people who are truly committed to it have deep soul-filled reasons why they love training with weights.

I conducted my own study, simply asking competitive bodybuilders and professional athletes why they find men or women with muscle attractive.  The results showed that they see more than just muscle, but they see inner strength that takes to get there, they see confidence, self-respect, motivation, mental and physical growth, positive mindset, character development, faith, discipline, maturity, and will power. Everything sexy.

If you gain all of this while weight training, imagine the kind of energy in other areas of their life. #unstoppable 

Getting the Guide

The awesome thing is, is that it doesn't have to be a dream or wishful thinking anymore, but a new lifestyle where you can learn how to lift weights only three days a week to burn the most fat, get the physique you want, and and gain the strength, confidence, and sexiness.

It's all in the program delivered right to your inbox.  It's pretty freeing to know that to get the body you want, you don't need to be in the gym everyday, but only three days.  Or that you don't need to count calories or macros, but follow our customizable portion control inforgraphic for easy meal planning. By learning these practices, you learn a whole new rewarding lifestyle that's worth it.  

Get the life and body you love, while loving your body through that entire process.

For more benefits on weight training, read 5 Greatest Benefits of Weight Training.

Whether you simply want to lose body fat, earn a smaller waist, build your booty, gain muscle mass, or just get shredded; the secret ingredient is lifting weights. 

The Next Step

I love teaching this balanced yet challenging lifestyle along with life changing practices through The Three Day Body Online Strength Training Program.  It is built with five phases, and the first phase is a 90 Day Program.  By signing up, you receive the very training programs that will give you the plan and guidance that you can walk into the gym with confidence on day one, and can feel and see your confidence grow.

You'll receive your own customizable meal plan to help you gain muscle, maintain, or lose body fat along with personalized nutrition supplements to give you results you dream of.

Yes, we are all about self-love, so sign up for your 90 Day Program Here.

Step 1

Desire the lifestyle and body.

Step 2

Sign up for our 90 Day Program below to get started.

Step 3

Follow the program for the lifestyle and body you want.

How to Sign Up

Get The Three Day Online Strength Training Program sent to your inbox.

From getting the step-by-step guide to lifting weights, to customizable meal plan options, personalized nutrition supplements, you'll have all the tools you need.  Sign up for our 90 Day Program for your new lifestyle and getting the body you want.

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