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Isolating tricep exercises really define, strengthen, and build the back of your arms. As part of The Three Day Body, you learn how to maximize your time in the gym so you are only lifting three days a week while still getting a sculpted physique. By doing so, we finish off your triceps by tagging on the workouts at the end of training chest and shoulders.  When training chest, you are activating your triceps anyways, so you may as well make the most of it by getting in a few more sets of triceps instead of coming in an extra day.

Your schedule is happy.  Your sanity is happy.  Body gets SCULPTED! Wah-lah! 

With our revolutionary 90 Day Challenge, you learn how to master it all in only three days a week.  Written with detailed descriptions for every workout to guide you, so that you can walk into the gym with confidence.

In the videos below, you will find reputable trainers explaining various tricep exercises that is part of The Three Day Body.  Each exercise within The Three Day Body program is detailed and descriptive enough, but here is a collection of valuable tricep videos to further explain to keep you safe from injury, and to get the most of your workout for ultimate results. 

Your mind and muscles are never bored! 

Sign up for the 90 Day Program Here to get the entire program that includes nutritional guidance, customizable meal plans, and tons of tips and tricks to get the life and body you want.

Disclaimer:  These videos are not owned by Bátor Studios but we gladly share the well explained exercises by the professionals below. 


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