The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Six: Legs

Today is going to be tough. Make sure you really warm up and focus on your form.

Remember that every single rep matters and every single warm up matters. There is a growing type of pain, and an injury type of pain. Avoid injury, of course! But work through the struggle so you grow in your form, muscular development, and your mental discipline.

Just as you grow physically, growing spiritually and mentally. Good kind of pain where we struggle is where we grow the most.

2-3 warm up sets on the first two exercies. Leg curl and leg extension you may only need 1-2 warm up sets. This is your opportunity to learn your body if you are feeling the blood moving there. If not, do another warm up set and add even more weight. No need for a warm up on the bench steps though. OWN THIS WORKOUT!

Here we go!

Rear Loaded Squat:  Feet comfortably shoulder width apart, toes in same direction. Start with lighter weight to warm up, and lower slightly lower than knee. Form is critical for back and knees. Drive through heels, not toes, keep your hips back, and chest up! Do 2-3 warm up sets at a lighter weight of 10, slowly add a little more and see what you can do with only proper form. Once you feel warmed up and nailing the form, then do 3 sets of 10 with that weight.

Seated Leg Press:  2-3 warm up sets of 12, and increase weight each set for 12, 10, then 8. Toes and knees slightly out and in the same direction.  As you lower the plate down to 45 degrees, squeeze your glutes and drive up through your heels.  Don’t lock out your knees.

Leg Extension: Warm up for 1 or 2 sets.  Do 3 warm up sets if you need it to protect from injury and really get the muscle ready to work.  Then 12,10,8, 20 pyramid up in weight, then drop set for the last 20. Squeeze each rep for 1 – 2 seconds at the top, then slowly lower 2-3 seconds.

Lying Leg Curl: 3 x 20. Although this is for your hamstrings, before you curl, squeeze you glutes to keep them engaged as well. Squeeze for a second or two at the top then lower for 3 seconds. Count 3 seconds down and don’t move to fast or you cheat yourself.

Bench Step Ups: 15 each side for 3 rounds.  With the front foot, focus on firing that glute to drive your weight up.  You can do 15 on one side, then 15 on the other or alternate.

  • Start with right foot on bench with dumbbells in hand. As you drive left knee up, be sure to engage and activate right glute to maximize this exercise and build your booty!  Watch your footing!

Be sure to stretch well after this, holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds.

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