The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Six: Back & Biceps

When you grow; you stretch, and life is deeper. Meaning is more. Purpose begins to make sense. Be willing to grow in every area of your life and you’ll experience more meaning and purpose. Grow in your relationships, how you manage your money, your health, your spiritual life…. everything.

Take small steps every day. Like in this weight training program, you are taking steps to be stronger physically and mentally.

When life gets overwhelming (which it can very easily) still commit to your three workouts per week. You can do more if you want, but do at least those three days.  It’ll help manage your stress, and be a great outlet as well.

So look at your week in advance to see when you can carve out one hour, three days a week and hold yourself to it.

Back and Biceps

Stretch shoulder blades out in the lat pull down, cable rows, and meadows rows, and feel the depth as your core is also strengthened Engage your core, or movements can easily be transferred to using more biceps, and we need the focus in your back. Direct the purpose of these workouts.

Warm up to where you feel the blood in the muscle before you think about counting a working set. I usually do 2-3 warm up sets of each exercise before counting the working sets.

Rest about 30 seconds between each set, except for the face pull and seated supported row where you will go from one to the next. Rest 30 seconds after completing the superset and starting the next.

Lat Pull Down: 2- 3 warm up sets of 12 to focus on warming up your lats and getting the blood moving.  Once you feel pretty warmed up, then do 3 sets of 12 with a tough weight.  Lean back slightly with an arch in your lower back, having chest up and chin up.  Drive bar down with elbows and not biceps to really activate your lats.  Release back up allowing your shoulder blades to stretch out at the top for a second, then squeeze where you feel the stretch and drive bar back down with elbows.  Keep that arch in lower back.

Cable Rows with Stretch: Do 2-3 warm up sets of 12, then pyramid up in weight for 12, 10, and 8 resting after each set.  Have your body positioned well on the seat.  Be prepared to slightly stretch your hamstrings while performing this exercise.  Keep back straight, and bend at your hips, not your lower back, this helps to get a little stretch in your hamstrings to know you are doing this right. As you stretch forward, allow your shoulder blades to also stretch forward. In a fluid movement, initiate FIRST movement in your lats, then drive elbows to the wall behind you flexing and squeezing your upper back down and back.  Hold, and slowly release to your stretch position again.

Meadows Rows: 1-2 Warm up sets of 10, then 3 sets of 10.  Your gym may not have a devise that holds the barbell. In that case, find a corner somewhere that can hold the barbell. Take the 45 pound barbell, put in a corner of a wall or another machine, and use similar movement as the one arm dumbbell row that activates your lats. Be sure to keep back straight, and use the arm you are not using, to brace yourself on your knee like you see John Meadows doing in the video below. Find the right position with your hips, to isolate lats while protecting low back. Do warm up sets to get the form right!

Superset 3 Rounds Facepull to Seated Supported Row.

Facepull:  Set up the rope a little higher than your eyes. Keep upper arms a bit parallel to the ground, elbows up.  Pull rope attachment towards your face, separating your hands as you get closer.  Great for upper back and rear delts. Focus on mobility of your shoulder joint and squeezing your rear delts. After a set, immediately jump on the seated supported row machine for 12, then rest. 3 x 15

Seat Supported Row:  Do 1-2 warm ups to make sure you are using it right, and to have the machine ready before you start your facepulls.  3 x 12 .  Set machine up, elbows stay high and to side of the body, and keep constant tension in upper back.  Stretch your shoulder blades forward without rounding your upper back. Squeeze shoulder blades back and hold for 1-2 seconds.

Superset 4 Rounds of Cable Bicep Curl to One Arm Preacher Curl

Cable Bicep Curl: 4 rounds of 15.  Grab the straight bar attachment with a shoulder width grip.  Take a step back, keep core strong, and knees slightly bent. Keep elbows next to your side and squeeze at the top for 2 seconds, then lower again for 3 second count. Immediately grab a dumbbell for 8 preacher curls on the right, then 8 on the left, then a minimal rest. 

One Arm Preacher Curl: Grab dumbbells that you can control, and lower down in 2-3 seconds without locking out elbow.  You can use preacher curl pad, or set up an incline bench. 4 rounds of 8.

This workout should take about an hour.  If you have time, get some abs in and/or HIIT training so you can get everything in three days being at the gym. If you prefer not to, just do HIIT and abs on your non-training days. That combined with a solid meal plan and quality supplements will give your body what it needs to be its best… and for you to feel YOUR best.

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