The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Seven: Back & Biceps

Single Arm Pull Down: 2 – 3 warm up sets of 12, then 3 x 12.  Oh I LOVE this for back workouts! Put your opposite hand on your lats to feel it activating.  This also helps with the mind to muscle connection. You can do these kneeling or sitting on a bench. Replace the wide lat pull down bar with a handle. This movement allows you to use more range of motion for your lats that you can’t reach when using both arms at once. Allow your shoulder blade to stretch before engaging lats to draw elbow past your side. Be sure to warm up well and feel the blood moving before doing working sets.

Dumbbell One Arm Row– Lowering the reps in order to lift more weight. Still keep the form super strict, allowing shoulder blade to stretch out, but you should be able to increase your weight that what you typically do. Warm up, then pyramid up for 10, add weight for 8, add for 6, then drop to what you did for 10, to do 12 more.

Superset the straight arm pull down, to cable rows, to rear delts. Engage your lats with each rep. Remember, you are getting stronger.

  1. Straight Arm Pulldown: 3 x 12 Engage lats in every movement. Bring hands down next to thighs while keeping arms straight.
  2. Cable Rows with a Stretch: 3 x 12 Have your body positioned well on the seat. Be prepared to slightly stretch your hamstrings while performing this exercise. Keep back straight, and bend at your hips, not your lower back, this helps to get a little stretch in your hamstrings to know you are doing this right. As you stretch forward, allow your shoulder blades to also stretch forward. In a fluid movement, initiate FIRST movement in your lats, then drive elbows to the wall behind you flexing and squeezing your upper back. Hold, and slowly release to your stretch position again.
  3. Rear Delt Laterals:Hands in neutral position on the pec dec machine, so they will be facing each other. Have seat in right position and squeeze back. Do til failure. These are gonna burn.

Back Extension: 3 x failure.  Grab a dumbbell or plate. I use a 25 lb plate. Do as many as you can with the weight until failure, then drop the weight on the ground and do as many as you can. Rest and do two more times.

Superset 4 Rounds Biceps
Cable Bicep Curls: 4 x 15 Stand facing the low pulley and attach a short bar to the low cable. Grasp the bar with your palms up and stand with your arms straight. .Bending on the elbows, curl the bar up towards your shoulders and squeeze at the top.  Slowly lower for 3 seconds then grab the EZ bar curls for 8, then have a short rest. Do this 4 times.


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