The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Nine: Legs

Here’s a few reminders as you are in Week 9 of the program.  

Choose your three main training days for this program, then ‘sprinkle’ your abs, cardio, and calves around it.

Don’t do cardio on leg day.

If your energy is low for workouts, you may not be getting enough food.  Make sure you are eating enough for energy.

Follow your meal plan or the infographic I sent you in the email.

Drink BCAA’s or better yet, EAA's during your training for muscle restoration.

Never lose hope and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Ok, we’ve got some legs to do!

Narrow Stance Leg Press:  Start off the first exercise with depth with narrow stance on the leg press. Watch alignment, have feet high on platform, and lower to where your knees are about 45 degrees. If you feel like you can sink a little deeper… go for it. Lower down for 3 seconds then squeeze hard and drive up the platform without locking out knees. Do 2-3 warm up sets of 20 before you start counting your working sets. Build up weight in your warm up sets. Try to add a little weight for each working set. Add more weight for second set. More for third. Then take off a plate or two for a drop set for 20 more.  4 sets of 20.

Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift: Don’t bend at your back, but bend at your hips sinking your hips back like the dumbbell deadlifts. Except you are using the bar. Focus on the stretch in upper hamstrings and glutes, keeping the bar close to your body, soft knees, then squeeze glutes to bring the bar back up. Each rep, have weight through heels and push hips back. Too easy to hurt back if you don’t! 1-2 warm up sets then 3 sets of 12.  Add weight to focus more on a stretch but don’t make this too easy on yourself. Go for more a moderate weight so it’s challenging, but not going for heavy.

Dumbbell Plie Squats:  1-2 warm up sets on Plie Squats as needed, then 3 x 20.  Add 10 pounds to each working set if you can. Keep body up, chest high, shoulders back. As you sink your hips low, at the bottom of the movement squeeze your glutes and drive up through heels.  Get this form perfect. Superset with walking dumbbell lunges.

Walking dumbbell lunges: 3 x 15 on each side. If you need to walk next to a mirror to get a side view of the angles of your hips and knees, there’s no shame in doing that! Form is important on lunges to protect knees.

Calf Raise on Machine: Get a good stretch with your heels off the platform, then squeeze up. Lower for 3 seconds down stretching calves, then drive up again. Continue to add weight for 3 x 15-20 each set.
Stretch well!!! Don’t rest too much in-between or the workouts will take forever.

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