The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Eleven: Back & Biceps

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Week 11 Back and Biceps

Warm Up on Lat Pull Down and Cable Row:  Lowering some of the reps so you can start pushing more weight. Be sure to still do 2-3 warm up sets of both the lat pull down and cable row before you start counting the supersets. Pyramid up in weight to get blood pumping.

Lat Pull Down: Once warmed up on those two exercises, see how much weight you can safely do with lat pull down for 8. This time don’t do the full range of motion down to your chest, but lean back and only bring the bar to about eye level and slowly release back up. Then immediately jump on Cable Rows for 12, allowing shoulder blades to stretch out, then engage at the lats to drive the elbows back. Keep core engaged, diaphragm up, lower back slightly arched while doing it. 4 rounds of this after you warm up.

One Arm Dumbbell Row:  Go heavier on the one arm row, only for 8, but do 4 sets after 2-3 warm up sets.  Make sure you feel that blood in your lats. 4 x 8

Smith Machine Bent Over Row. Watch the video to maximize this exercise.  Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.  Bend at the hip over the bar as seen in the video, with your lower back slightly arched to engage your core.  With an overhand grip on the bar, bring bar to touch lower ribs.  Squeeze it there for 2 seconds engaging  your core and your back, then slowly lower down. Be sure to squeeze for 2 seconds against the bottom of your ribs. 3 x 12

Strength Floor Cobra is great for stretching front of shoulders and pecs, while simply squeezing shoulder blades together. Great for posture and an exercise to do everyday when most of us are stuck at desks all day. This helps to ‘untrain’ all the unintentional training we have done to our shoulders over the years. Now to be intentional to ‘untrain’ it.


Finish with 8 sets of biceps. Remember to count to 3 as you are releasing the curl.

One Arm Preacher Curl 4 x 10

Cable EZ Bar Bicep Curl: 4 x 10

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