The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Eight: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Chest and Shoulders are about to burn! Make sure you are fueling your body well, drinking lots of water, and staying up with your supps for optimal performance. Time to muscle up buttercup!

Dumbbell Bench Press: pick a weight that’s a good warm up for 10-15 reps. Then grab a little heavier dumbbell’s and warm up again for another 10-15. Increase weight if you need to for another warm up set, or stay where you are. The most important is to properly warm up first for 2-3 sets. Once you feel like blood is pumping into your pecs, start your first working set. Pyramid up in weight for 12, 10, 8, and instead of finishing after 8, do as many as you can with half reps. Your arms won’t actually move very much, maybe 5-6-ish inches at the top. Pulsate there where you feel the blood moving and squeeze your pecs. Rest as you need in between sets!

Decline Bench Press in Smith Machine Rack: Drag a decline bench under the smith machine bar. Bar should be directly above lowest point of your pec muscle. 2-3 warm up sets to feel comfortable with the movement then do 3 x 10. Three second descent to touch chest, then drive up without locking elbows. Be sure you are squeezing up with your chest. Rest as you need in between.

Hammer Strength Chest Press: start lighter to get used to movement. When you feel warmed up, and don’t cut yourself short! Pyramid up in weight each set for 10, add some more for 8, and add more for 6.  I love this machine, I feel like a bad ass every time I do it, even if I’m not pushing a lot of weight!

Superset from the Dumbbell Front Delt Raise to the Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise, then rest as you need but don’t go over 90 seconds.

Dumbbell Front Delt Raise: 3 x 10  Use lighter to medium weight to focus on perfect form, keeping palms facing down.  Slow and controlled movements, hold and squeeze at the top (no higher than shoulder height) and count to 3 on the way down.  This one doesn’t need much weight at all.  Keep core engaged in every exercise, even this one. Don’t get lazy.

Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 3 x 10 Start lighter and work your way up to protect from injury.  Feet shoulder width apart and pulled back, keeping core tight.  Raise dumbbells off to side and up as high as shoulders slow and controlled.  Let your elbows and pinkies guide the weight.

Hang and Swing Destroyer set:  grab heavy dumbbells, and a pair of lighter ones ready to grab. C’mon. Don’t make it too easy on yourself either. With the heavy ones, swing the dumbbells out while facing bench for 30, then grab lighter ones and go til failure. Have the lighter ones next to your bench so you can go right to it without a rest. After you finish one set, rest as long as you need. Do three rounds of this. On your third set, go past 30 and see how many you can do.  Keep the burn in the sweet spot.  Yes. THIS. WILL. BURN. But it’s awwwwweessssoooooome!

Superset Skull Crushers to Weighted Bench Dips.
Grab a barbell or a straight bar for skull crushers and lower to forehead. Each set reach a little further to stretch your tri’s. Then grab a heavy plate or two to put on your lap for the bench dips. Don’t need for your butt to hit the ground, but come all the way up and push back on your elbows a little without locking them out.

Skull Crushers:  Start by pressing up the barbell with your grip less than 12 inches apart. Slowly lower the barbell towards your head, pause, and raise the barbell again. 3 x 12 After 12, do 12 weighted bench dips then rest.

Weighted Bench Dip:  It can be tricky loading weight or a plate onto your lap.  You can ask someone to put one on your lap for you too.  Feet on floor or the bench. Don’t lock out elbows, but keep tension in triceps. 3 x 12


Congrats on finishing week 8 chest!  Hope you are feeling good and getting lots of great nutrition in!  Be sure to stretch, stay hydrated, drink those BCAA’s or EAA's, too. Have that post workout meal about 45 minutes to an hour after training, and fit your other meals around that.  Breakfast and your meals before and after training are the most important meals of the day.


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