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Great shoulders are like icing on a cake. The shoulder exercises within The Three Day Body are detailed, helping you activate and sculpt beautiful muscular development.  Combined with following the customizable meal plan and personalized nutrition supplements that is part of your program, you will be well on your way to getting strong, lean, and confident.

With detailed training program that helps you get into your best shape, you learn better habits to blast through your plateaus and get life changing nutritional guides to put into play.

Compared to other online training programs, The Three Day Body gives very detailed descriptions that helps the beginners feel like they can walk into the gym, and the elite to become more mind-muscle challenged.

You can buy your 90 Day Program Here to get started on The Three Day Body.  

Below are some of our favorite youtube videos from trainers from around the world that explain in even more depth, detail, and demonstration if you ever need more of a visual on how to do something.  Shoulder Training Videos featuring Instructional Fitness, Mountaindog Diet, Life Fitness, Livestrong, T-Nation, Erin Stern, and Official Mutant TV.

Avoid injury by using great form and properly warming up your shoulder joints. Always check with a doctor before beginning any program. This does not prevent or treat any disease.

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Shoulder Training Videos




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