The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Two: Legs

For week 2, we are supersetting more and hitting those hamstrings, but don't you worry, we are here to guide. Since we don’t want your quads to be left out, we are burning them out on the last exercise, but its only one set so give it all you got.  Squeeze your quads hard and use full range of motion.

In Phase One of The Three Day Body, I may have included a few prayers that I've prayed while in the midst of building the programs and testing first on myself.  When learning any new healthy habit, it's not always as easy as we hope, and sometimes our own will-power isn't enough, so that's when I tap into the power of prayer.  I've included a few of them and felt it was wrong to take them out.

So if any prayer or spiritual guidance I share isn't for you, then disregard it.  I told you that I'm sharing all my secrets to success, and spiritual strength and development is one of them.

So let's train our legs! 

Lord, there are so many days I simply do not have in it me. My own flesh may fail, but not you. Not your strength. Give me your strength to make it through today. Give me your strength to be empowered, so I may empower others. Give me your strength, so it is you I can pour back into.

With this workout, I may be sore, I may be weak, but your strength sustains me. Give me life O Spirit! Thank you for you are enough, you sustain and fill my needs.

Now, let's DO THIS!

Warm up, stretch, and resting is only between the sets for 45-60 seconds.

Barbell Good Mornings:  Focus on feeling the stretch in the hamstrings, pushing hips back. No injuries, so be smart and safe, perfecting each rep BETTER than the rep before it. 4 sets of 12.

Seated Leg Curls: Do 1-2 warm up sets (do more if you need it) then 12, 10, 8, drop set for 12. Pyramid up in weight on those leg curls. Build up to a tough weight for 12, rest 45-60 seconds, then add more weight for 10.  Rest, then add more weight for 8. For the last 12 on the leg curl, take off a plate and make the most of it. Be stretching between sets.

Leg Press. Warm up with sets of 10 and keep adding weight til you find a struggling weight, then use that for 3 more sets of 10. Toes slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed out and knees in same direction. For those 3 sets, superset with lighter dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts to get more stretching for your hamstrings.  Rest, repeat for 3 rounds.

Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift, but these deadlifts aren’t supposed to be too heavy. Keep your hips back and as you lower the bar, make the main focus the stretch in your hamstrings. Once you feel that stretch, squeeze the hell out of your glutes to bring it back to the top. Bend at hips, NOT at your back! Really push those hips back and weight through heels. Repeat. 3 rounds of 10.

Bench Step Ups:  Do 12 on the right and left side, then superset with 12-15 reverse lunges. Build that booty!  Rest then do two more rounds.

Leg Extension:  Finish off your quads.  Find a moderate to heavy weight and go until failure squeezing your quads hard each time.  If you are going too fast, add more weight and control your pace.  Doesn’t do you any good to move fast through the movements.

Always consult a physician before starting any program. 

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