The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Four: Legs

Definitely get those hams and quads, hold 20-30 seconds for your stretches.

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.  Be sure to study the videos before getting into the gym to prevent injury.

Seated Leg Curls. Meadow’s Style. 2 warm up sets of 15 to get that blood moving. Then 3 hard sets of continuous tension. Squeeze hard. For the 4th set, us the same weight but only 10 reps. 3 second on descent. Drop weight and squeeze 8 more out, no rest here, but drop weight for 8 more. Brutal way to start, but you better power through and not get sloppy. 2 warm up sets, then 3x12, then 10+8+8

One thing I love about training, is focusing on the blood pumping into the muscle to get it working.  Visualize the muscle.  Feel the blood feeding that area and really focus on each rep.  

Narrow Stance Leg Press:  Feet only 2-3 inches apart. Do 2 -3 sets of 20 to get warmed up. Feeling the blood in those muscles are crucial to growth. Then pyramid up in weight, sets of 20, until you can’t do more. Focus on pressing through heels, take off shoes if you need to. 3 seconds down and drive up hard without locking out knees. Once you pyramid up a few sets, then start taking off plates and do 3 more drop sets of 20.

Dumbbell Plie Squat: 3 x 20 with a heavy dumbbell and while resting do 15-20 crunches on a ball. Do plies right to protect your knees. Make sure when you sink low, that you squeeze your glutes and push up through your heels while keeping chest up and core engaged.  Keep knees wide, engage hams and glutes on way up.

Leg Extension: 4 x 8, squeeze HARD for 2 seconds at the top, then no rest for dumbbell walking lunges. For the lunges, do 8 paces each side and go really slow with them.

Cool Down and Stretch

Make sure you cool down and get in a great stretch.  Use foam rollers, get massages, soak in Epsom salt baths, and/or do yoga. I personally love to do a spin class the day after leg day to shake out all that lactic acid build up and help the restoration.

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