The Three Day Body - Phase One - Week Five: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Let's get strong, lean, and sculpted with The Three Day Body guide.  It's a strength training program to keep you on track while living a balanced life.  Prepare for the transformation you want with a great plan. 

When you are not firm, you can be easily devoured. So be prepared in your mind, spirit, and physically in your training. Through your training and preparation, you will find strength. (1 Peter 5.6-11)

Instead of having a defensive plan, be on the offensive end, looking to score, looking to move ahead. God wants this for you and to bring others with you. Keep moving forward, and you too will be surprised at the strength you didn’t know you could have!

For cable cross overs, you will be hitting upper, mid, and lower aspects of your pecs. No need to go heavy but practice form and squeezing palms together. You are going heavy on chest press and burning out on pushups!

  1. Lower Cable Cross Overs:Lower handles all the way down, grab handles at the bottom, and step away from machine.  Keep arms slightly bent, and squeeze handles together to chest height.  Great for lower pecs. Go light for 4 sets of 12.
  2. Upper Cable Cross Overs:When your 4 lower cable cross overs are done, do 4 more.  You want your handles to be slightly above shoulder height.  Keep back arched, chest out, elbows slightly bent, and squeeze chest by bringing those handles together.  If you feel in shoulders, it’s too far back.  4 sets of 12.

Dumbbell Bench Press: Your chest should be pretty warmed up after the cable cross overs.  3 sets of 10, really squeeze your chest as dumbbells come closer together.

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press:  Grab a bench you can decline, but only decline slightly to protect your shoulders. 12,10,8. Pyramid up in weight for each set.  Work up to a safe and tough weight. Don’t jump into it and hurt yourself. Remember you are in training  so you have to prepare for it.  Don’t hesitate to ask someone to spot you, people are happy to help.

Pushups.  3 x 20.  Choose your level that challenges you.  For shoulder problems use wall or incline pushups on a bench, but let pain be your gauge.  From there, try the more difficult version when it gets too easy.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Keep core tight, and have upper arms parallel to the ground, elbows at 90 degrees.  Bring dumbbells over your head slow and controlled, then back down to your upper arms are parallel again. Start lighter until you can find a safe yet challenging weight. 3 x 10

Lateral Raises– Do negatives on the way down by counting to 5 on the way down. 3 x 10

Rope Pushdowns: Squeeze triceps hard, all the way up the back of your arm. Watch it in the mirror, get that mind and body connection and feel it. Visualize it. Then superset dumbbell skullcrushers, keep elbows still and only come up 3/4 of the way. Allow tricep to stretch a little more for each set.

  1. Rope Pushdowns 4 x 15
  2. Dumbbell Skullcrushers 4 x 10


Congratulations for finishing your workout! Hope you watched the clock like a hawk to only rest 45 – 60 seconds.  It’s easy to get distracted while ‘resting’ and over a minute goes by.  A minute here or there adds up to make a reeeeaallly long work out.  But you made it! 

Preparing and planning pays off, so keep sticking to it.  You got this!

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