Do and Be What You Love With or Without Mascara

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How cool would it be, if everywhere was like LA and you could bring your dogs with you to the grocery store? I remember that when I was there for a blogging conference.  I was really sick and pregnant, so I didn't learn anything else while I was there, except how to decorate my belly with sea shells on a beach (pictured above) and that it's totally acceptable to bring your dogs everywhere.

I get it, people have allergies.... so do I.

I try taking my not-so-little pup as much as possible.  Even if it's just to the post office to mail out giveaways people have won on instagram. I wish Home Depot had groceries since it is dog friendly, or I'd be there everyday with him!

However, today was a quick stop at Aldi's. You know, the kind where you don't get the buggy because you are only getting two things, but end up overflowing your arms and reusable bags within five minutes? It's me every time [insert eye roll here].

My Alaskan Malamute waited for me in the car with the chilly breeze and his head sticking out the window, as I overflowed my arms with 'just a few things.' Hiding under my hat with no makeup, just surviving the morning to get my now two year old to daycare.

By the way, that one right there is always a wrestling match. Just when I get her completely dressed and changed, she runs away stripping off her coat, shoes, socks, and have to put them back on again.

I hear that phase lasts for a while, but we are all alive... and I still need coffee and mascara.

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While taking everything out of my reusable bags like a good little hippy, and put them on the conveyor belt, the cashier looked up and said, "Hey! You are the girl with the awesome hair! I was just telling my girlfriend about you, wishing I could pull that off. It looks great on you younger girls, but not so much on us older girls."

"Thank you, but no, no, no... if you want to wear something, you just need to go rock it, no matter your age." I told her about one more thing I noticed when I visited LA, was that there were so many different styles, and it didn't matter what your style was. What mattered was if you wore it with confidence, and just rock it anyways.

No joke.  There were so many interesting styles. I can't say there was exactly an 'in' style.  People rocked what made them feel confident and what they loved.  It seemed as though they didn't let trends and rules define their own personal style.

"Sure, maybe you can be like that in LA, but not here in Ohio," she talked while she was scanning my only few items... or 30. "People are too judgy here."

hiking while pregnant, lifestyle blogger

I begged to differ and reminded her she could be who she wants and rock the style she wants.  I mean, she was complimenting a girl with 18 inch silverish-blue hair extensions in Ohio.... not in LA. Oh, and the bikini hiking that I did while four months pregnant on a Malibu cliff with my dear friend Christen totally happened, too. (see above)

"Do it anyways. Do it for you, not for what people think." I rang out and carried my items to the far counter where we bag our things, and we continued our little pep talk.

She started ringing up the next customer in line and turned to me and said, "You know, you are right.  It took me almost 60 years to learn to not care what people think, and that's way too long."

If only she knew, I'm trying to care less too. That maybe I'll let our little pep talk sink in even deeper before I'm 60. Just don't do things for the sake of what people think.

Find what you love and do it... be it. With or without mascara.

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