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By training your major muscle groups, muscle fibers are stimulated to burn total body fat instead of thinking you need to live on a treadmill.  If looking to get sculpted, lean, build muscle, get strong, and burn more fat, look no further!  Your chest is one of your major muscle groups, so it is not to be ignored.

In The Three Day Body Online Strength Training Program, we have condensed training into three days to get the life and body you want.  With your very detailed program, you walk into the gym with confidence, and many different variations each week to keep your body burning fat and getting stronger.

Follow your program for your own customizable meal plan, personalized nutrition supplement plan, and the training program to see your ultimate results for the 90 Day Program within The Three Day Body.  And of course, always check with doctor or health care professional, for this program isn't to diagnose or treat a disease.

You will find your program is detailed, descriptive, and packed full of life and body changing information! But here are some of our favorite youtube vidoes from some of the greatest trainers from around the world demonstrating in case you are more of a visual person.

That's ok, because you want to be able to visualize the lift before you get to the gym anyways.  If you visualize it in your mind, you'll be able to execute properly, protecting yourself from bad form and injury.

Be sure to do the warm up sets as explained in your program.  If you didn't purchase the revolutionary 90 Day Program for The Three Day Body, you can get it here.  

Remember that on chest day to watch the clock so you are timing your rest time.  Since we are squeezing in shoulders and triceps on chest day, you want to be extra focused on time management. 

Feel empowered today!


Chest Exercise Videos




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