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No need to be intimidated or to second guess your strength training anymore, but to come to the gym with The Three Day Body Online Strength Training Program.  This solid plan will guide you to your goals in only three days a week. Walk into the gym with confidence and have a very detailed training program to help you get stronger and leaner.

Within the many phases of The Three Day Body, you are given descriptive variations, grips, and partial reps just to get you started.  Each phase builds upon the last, so your mind and muscle never get used to it.

Sign up for Phase One of The Three Day Body which is our 90 Day Program to get you started. More details in our programs section!

You'll get customizable meal plans, never have to count calories again, learn to balance life, manage stress, get stronger, leaner, and love yourself in the process (not just the end result).

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Within the program, you receive everything listed above, but for visual reference and make sure you are using perfect form, here are descriptive how-to videos from some of the best trainers from around the world.

If there is ever a time that you aren't sure within the program how to execute an exercise safely, always refer back to our video library for extra guidance. Below, you will find variations of exercises used within The Three Day Body such as squats, deadlifts, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, dumbbell plie squats, smith machine squats, reverse lunges, lunges, step ups, and calf raises.  

Be sure to sign up for the 90 Day Challenge today if you haven't already.





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