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Strong, sexy, and sculpted arms come from not only training them correctly, but in combination of nutrition improvements and even greater results with nutrition supplements. Here are a few of the greatest bicep exercises within the program that work to give you the arms you are looking for.

With our Three Day Body Online Strength Training Program, you get exactly that and more. 

Aside from our neck and up, our arms are usually the part of our body that is the most visible.  When people ask to target just their arms to lose fat, you won't get very far without a more holistic approach to caring for your body.

With The Three Day Body, we include bicep exercises at the end of training your back, for the purpose of maximizing the time in the gym so you don't need to be in there every day. 

That way you can still have a life while getting the body you want... and love it.


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Videos for biceps below are great instructional videos from some of the best trainers from around the world and do not belong to Bátor Studios but are simply great reference to use great form. Always check with your doctor before beginning any program.  This program is not to treat or prevent any disease. 


  • Jim Stoppani, PhD
  • Howcast
  • Livestrong
  • Mr. Supplement
  • Instructional Fitness
  • Athlean-X
  • LA Muscle
  • Muscle & Motion



Bicep Training Videos

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