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Training your back is essential for the purposes of undoing all of our heavy anterior posture.  While many of us sit at desks, or simply hunch or roll our shoulders forward, it's easy to subconsciously train our backs to be weaker.

With The Three Day Body Online Strength Training Program, you'll be consciously training your back that not only strengthens this weak area, but how to do it right. You'll also learn the importance of squeezing muscle groups to not over-activate traps to prevent further postural damage.

Another great part of training your back, is that a stronger back leads to less injuries in the future, and also creates the illusion of a smaller waist.  Most guys and gals love that!

In case you needed another reason to train your back, it's because it is one of your major muscle groups that when weight training, you burn fat! 

Be sure to sign up for our 90 Day Challenge of The Three Day Body.  It's Phase One out of Five phases we have available.  A revolutionary way to get strong and lean in only three days a week.  Buy your 90 Day Challenge today for guided training program, customizable meal plan without counting calories ever again, and personalized nutrition supplement plan.

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Each phase of The Three Day Body Online Training Program comes with very detailed descriptions sent right to your inbox, that way you can have confidence on using perfect form and know what you are doing.  

For more visual on executing each exercise, we've shared these youtube videos from some of our favorite trainers from around the world that has done a great job explaining perfectly for you.

Study the videos prior to training, and have The Three Day Body 90 Day Program in your inbox guiding you step by step for the body and life you want.


Back Exercise Videos



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