A Teachable Moment

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This morning my two year old walked down the stairs without using the banister for balance. I walked next to her in case she would reach for my hand, you know, just in case, but she didn't.  

Instead, I could see her practicing her independence and concentration on each and every step.

It became a magical moment with each step, because it made me grateful for all the times in my life that God allowed me to practice my own independence, yet never forced me to hold his hand.  And how He takes delight in watching each and every one of us grow, just as I was taking delight in watching my two year old take these steps and grow.

As I was quietly at her side, God has always been at mine.  He's always there if I ever needed to reach up and grab his hand for balance. Whether I acknowledged Him being there or not.

Oh *sigh*. The many teachable moments God gives us, right?

But then I realized, He never let go to begin with.  He has always quietly been there.

May you be encouraged to know that no matter where you are in your journey, God's been quietly there, whether you reach for Him or not.  The best part is when you reach and hold tighter anyways. Besides, He's not letting go of you.

Look for your very own teachable moments. They are always around us.  The more stressed and overwhelmed we are, it's harder to see them.  Make steps daily to be more present, and enjoy your very own teachable moments just like this one. 

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